Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pumpkin Pins

These are made with hand dyed felted wool about 3 inches wide, 2 inches tall. Stitched with some cool varigated perle cotton threads. There are 2 layers of wool blanket stitched together and finished with a pin back. The "stems" are made from green wool fleece.

This one has a cute jack o lantern face!

My favorite is the plaid one on the bottom left!

These colors came from two attempts at dying a pile of wool. In the first attempt there was too much wool in the pot for the amount of orange pigment, so some of the colors came out spotty or too light. So I took out the wool that needed more color and mixed up a second batch of dye using black cherry koolaid and lemonaid drink mix. I had run out of orange koolaid drink mix and still had a pile of wet wool that was not done dyeing. So the second batch came out much more red-orange than the first-- and I love it. In this picture, the top two on the left were in the second batch.

Once all the dye was absorbed, I rinsed the pile of wet wool in cold water and then dryed it in my dryer. Then it was ready to cut up and transform into fall colored goodies.

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