Monday, July 27, 2009

Wholecloth Quilt

I could not sleep the other night and got up to change my pillow case for a fresh dry one. While I was rooting around in the linen closet, I came across a piece of barkcloth home decorator fabric that was stashed in there. It was a large sample piece that came from a local outlet. It was in the linen closet because I had thought it might make be a good pillowcase one day.

Needless to say, the moment I saw it again, I thought that it would make a lovely quilt. I used blue fabric from a vintage sheet to border the center panel. Additional fabric in beige tones was used for the backing and binding. I used a denim blue thread for stipple quilting the borders. The center panel was also stippled, using thread of a greenish blue shade.

When I showed this to my sister yesterday, she took it from my hands, examined it carefully and said, "Thank you!" I guess that means she likes it! She did have to give it back to me so I could wash/dry it. She will get it back soon.

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