Wednesday, June 17, 2009

OBX Vacation!

No sewing so far today. I have spent some time looking online for current info about Hatteras Village, where my sister and I will be spending a week this summer. We have not stayed in Hatteras Village since my nephew was a very small baby--and he is 19 now. We have stayed at the National Park Service campground at Oregon Inlet a few summers ago and also at the KOA on the Outer Banks. This year we have opted not to camp, but instead to find a place to lay our sandy heads at night where there is electricity, hot and cold running water, a private bathroom, kitchen facilities, and a leak-free roof over our heads.

We are taking 2 of our dogs and staying in a little one room condo called a cabana. This link shows details about the cabana complex and one of the cabanas for rent, but not the one we are renting. They are so cute and just perfect for 2 middle aged women and their dogs.

These cabanas were rebuilt after Hurricane Isabel cut a new channel across the Island of Hatteras in 2003. The new inlet which the locals called "Isabel Inlet" went through almost where the cabanas stood. One web site I looked at proclaimed that there were 40 foot waves at the Hatteras Cabanas during that storm. God willing there will be no foul weather while we are there.

Looking forward to shell gathering, dolphin sightings, swimming, experiencing pirate lore and history, boat riding (maybe fishing), island touring, seafood and more.

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