Friday, June 5, 2009

Finished Lap Quilt

Today was rainy and dreary. I finished my thrift store quilt. Last night I looked in my stash and found a large sheet with pale blue roses all over it. A perfect material to back my quilt in.

I sandwiched some Warm and Natural Batting in between the layers and pinned it all together. I chose to quilt in straight lines through the solid blue blocks. I could not wait to drive into Cville and buy matching thread, so I used white thread for the quilting. It looks nice enough with the blue fabric. For the border, I turned the excess backing fabric to the front, folded it under and pinned it. Then I machine stitched close to the edge to finish off the binding. For about 5 minutes I planned to hand stitch the edges of the binding, but that is hard on my fingers.

It is about 36 inches wide and about 62 inches long. Good size for covering up while watching tv. Or laying across the back seat of the car for dogs to lay on. Or using as a sand blanket at the beach... If I add some elastic to the end I could roll it up and stow it easily. HMMM.... the wheels are turning and the gears are smokin'!

I may enter this in the recycling category at the county fair. The only new material in it was the batting and the thread.

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