Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to All!

To celebrate Easter I am working on my craft/computer room. This morning I put together a cube shelf for extra storage of craft supplies. I got the idea to spruce it up a little by adding some colorful scrapbook papers to the backing squares. It is so nice looking empty, although I am aware that soon the shelves will likely be filled. When I go to pull out a bin of supplies, I will get a flash of spring pattern.

As a child I fondly remember our Easter traditions-- going to Leggett's with Grandi to pick out and purchase Easter dresses, dyeing Easter eggs on the kitchen table, the egg hunt before Easter dinner, my brother's perennial efforts to look out the windows while the grown ups were hiding eggs, hunting for eggs in clumps of daffodils, stumps and under shrubs in the yard, and my favorite of all, Aunt Rubie's Candy Eggs.

Aunt Rubie was a maiden great aunt, never married, no children of her own and she made it her passion to distribute many gifts to the children in the family. She hand-made most of the gifts using crochet or other needlecrafting techniques. My brother and sister and I still have some of the things she made for us.

At Easter she always made a point of giving each of us big chocolate covered buttercream eggs with frosting flowers on top. They were not made by her, but they were wonderful!! Recently these eggs are being hand made in our area of Virginia by local Mennonite bakers and sold as Easter treats. My sister got one for me for Easter and I have sampled it. Each bite makes me think of Aunt Rubie. Here is a picture of her holding me as an infant.

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