Monday, March 23, 2009

In My Project Basket

Currently I am working on cancer awareness ribbons to donate to the Relay for Life team at my school. I already made a dozen or more pink ribbons and now am working on other colors that represent awareness for other cancers. I will get these finished by the middle of next week as our Relay for Life event is April 3-4.

My Easter Bunny pins were a big hit with the lady at school who suggested them. She snapped up three of them in shades of green made from overdyed tweed. I stitched together a few more of these tonight. I just put up the flyer about them today--I will have to wait and see if anyone else wants some.

Conner and I have a new house guest this week--my sister's Australian Cattle Dog, Merle. He is sitting here right by my feet as I type this entry. I am showing his picture here.

Also pictured is my beloved schnauzer, Conner. He will be getting a long overdue haircut on Saturday!


  1. I have an Australian cattle dog just like your sisters!! They are just the sweetest things EVER!

  2. Thanks for sharing your site with me- I had no idea you were a blogger! I'm adding you to my Google reader tonight!


  3. What an extraordinarily handsome nephew you have- although that isn't necessarily his best angle...

  4. You would say that since he is YOUR boy! Come back from Wisconsin soon!!


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