Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Easter Theme Stitching Projects

Once my back pain started to get

under control last week I started to get bored out of my mind. These stitching projects helped to relieve the boredom. The background fabric is hand dyed using Wilton Cake dyes. The carrots and many of the fabrics in the flowers were also hand dyed.
The rabbits are cut from a gray flannel wool that used to be slacks from

Goodwill. Wool off the bolt is very expensive ($20+++), but a pair of slacks or a skirt from Goodwill can provide a good bit of fabric for less than $4. I wash it on a hot/cold cycle and then dry it on high in the dryer. The fabric felts up well enough so that it doesn't fray when I cut it.
Online searches for coloring pages can provide line drawings that can be used as patterns. That is how I found the carrot shapes. I do not trust my own drawing ability.

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